Vista Village Family Teeth Whitening

There may be plenty of reasons that you want to get your teeth whitened; that beautiful confident smile? Let Vista Village Family Dentistry help you.

The American Dental Association recommends a dental checkup before undergoing any whitening method. Dr. Irani examines you thoroughly,  takes a health and dental history (including allergies and sensitivities).

The doctor makes a determination after the examination, as to which method of whitening will work best for you personally. According to the American Dental Association, there are different options that include: in-office bleaching, which is applied by a professional dentist; at-home bleaching, which is to be used at home by the patient; over-the-counter, which is applied by patients; and options called non-dental, offered by unqualified operators whose methods could cause harm to your smile.

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Before making a decision about tooth whitening give us a call to discuss the options and pricing.