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vistavillageFDWe are proud to provide highest quality care for our patients. As a local family dentist, we can see patients of all ages. Many family members are all patients of our office. It is our strong belief that all patients should be treated like our own family members and get the same quality of care and attention. Our office is open between 8 am to 6pm. We will be temporarily closed between 1-2 pm for lunch. Our friendly and trained staff are here to help you. We accept almost all different insurances including Medical. Schedule today to come in for a visit. Our doctor has dedicated her time for her patients. Our practice can provide a wide range of dental services. This will saves you time and keeps your total dental care with our office. We have a great emphasis on preventive care for our patients. Regular visits and check-ups along with home oral care assures are the most efficient ways for preventive dental care. Let us put that big beautiful smile on face and you can show it off the whole world! Dr. Mehrnaz Irani is always here to help all patients at different ages. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

Does your office accept private or Medical patients?

Both. We accept almost all different insurances and offer a variety of payment solutions and financing with very low APR. 

Does your office see adults or children patients?

Both. Dr. Irani helps all patients at different ages. She enjoys working with all patients and her expertise help her deal with a wide range of oral problems. 

What are your hours of operation?

Our office is open between 9am to 6pm everyday. We take an hour break between 1-2pm for lunch.